Ben's Announcement

As the federal government disinvests from our communities, we need an activist state government more than ever – one that is ready to invest in our communities and improve the lives of all Minnesotans. That means we need an engaged, activist state representative, who knows how to get things done in Saint Paul and is ready to build on the progressive legacy of Representative Susan Allen. Throughout my career, I’ve shown that I know how to build power around issues and how to win legislative victories, even when the odds are against us. I’m ready to bring that experience to the State Capitol as the next representative from District 62B.

The Republican legislative majorities here in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C. continue to hand more and more wealth and power to those who already have both, at the expense of workers, the environment, and our communities of color. In the face of that, we need a legislator who will be more than just a safe DFL vote – we need someone committed to building power in our communities. And we need a legislator who will be more than just a DFL voice -- we need elected officials with a proven ability to build and hold together legislative coalitions, find common ground on progressive issues with people who come from communities different than ours, and pass substantive policy. Our progressive urban communities have shown that we have the ability to drive significant social and policy change, and I’m excited to work with all of you in that project in a new role at the state capitol.

I do not underestimate the challenge of succeeding a historic legislator like Representative Allen. My campaign is going to have a simple strategy: I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know me. I’ll be showing up at your door or calling you on the phone, and I hope you’ll feel free to reach out to me as well. I’m excited to talk with you about everything we can accomplish together.